Staff Spotlight: Rick Sanzo

As part of our day at EHHS we usually come across high school security guards and spark up conversations or just share a hello. To some students, they’re just “the security guards,” but to others they’re friends. Our EHHS security guards weren’t always security guards, one of our 6 security guards has a story which would bring curiosity to people.Rick Sanzo hasn’t been afraid of putting his life on the line for his job, from being a Pro Wrestler to a Correctional Officer. Rick has been a Pro Wrestler under the name of The Guardian of Chaos Big Daddy, Bouncer , Private Bodyguard, Bounty Hunter, and a Corrections Officer. During high school he played football for Amity and Sheehan football. He has a degree in Communications. Even though working as a Corrections Officer paid the bills at the time, his most memorable times were spent in the ring as a professional wrestler. He enjoyed it so much that he started a youtube channel called CenterRing316. On his channel, he occasionally talks about different wrestling circuits, talks to potential superstar wrestlers and other wrestling related topics. In his time outside of his job, Rick had 2 daughters. One of his daughters recently lost her battle with RETT Syndrome. RETT Syndrome is a non- inherited disease that affects the Muscular and Respiratory systems. Along with those symptoms, behavioral and development senses are also affected either slowing them down or just blocking them for a long time. Sadly commonly found in girls during infancy and very rare in boys. While there is no cure but there is medication to improve quality of life.. Rick’s other daughter is a nurse at Yale New . Rick has taken time out of his day to talk to students and says the that students “have impacted [him] in a greatly positive way.” When asked about his future at East Haven High School, he happily responded that he has no plans to retire from being here.

While has been with East Haven for a long time and with his outgoing personality, he has made friends with some of the students, with some of them impacting him in a positive way. Junior Student Kellyjohana Ahumada says “Rick is a great person to see everyday and has the ability to flip people day from bad to good in just quick seconds”, Both Seniors Josh Brown and Daniel Mandaric says that “while he’s known Rick, he recognizes him as one of the nicest security guards around and he’s the type of guy who goes out of his way to help us out the most”. The appreciation is heavily shown and our thanks our given to all security guards who come in and make sure we feel safe and take their job seriously. We’re glad to call them our Security Guards, a part of our family.