Winter Pep Rally Brings Joyful Noise

In an effort to spread schoolwide holiday cheer, and get students and staff more involved in school sanctioned activities, Principal Mr. Vin Denuzzo asked the CNA class to run the winter pep rally that took place on Thursday, December 21st.

Seniors Jordan Kikosicki, Kylie Schlottman, Mackenzie Fiorillo, Selena Mauro, Taylor Redding, Rene Cofrancesco, Daniel Baronski, Krystal Rivera, Sophia Anguiera, Jessica Tapia, Dylan Mansign, Gresly Orozco, Marissa Deloughry, Mariah Decarlo, and Nhi Trinh, planned and executed the pep rally, planning boatloads of fun for our students and staff.

Teachers participated in a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos and battled for the win. Winter sports teams and their captains were recognized, an ugly sweater contest took place. Winners were: sophomore Logan Hamilton and school psychologist Ms. Bowory. Then, Mr. Denuzzo took on record-holding, Alexis Penziwater in a three-point contest. At the conclusion of the contest, Penziwater still held her title strong, beating Denuzzo too. The EHHS Cheerleaders performed a Holiday themed dance routine, as well as the Pom Pom team. Students said it was one of the most enjoyable pep rallies we’ve ever had. Senior Kyle Pellegrino says “it was actually fun to watch and it was very engaging.” English teacher Ms. Bauer, who was one of the participants in the Hungry Hungry Hippos game, says her and her team deserved the win!

Below are videos from our winter pep rally!