Why Juniors should join The Comet

At the start of the Fall 2017 school year, a new addition to the Capstone curriculum was made: Capstone Journalism. This was previously known as the Journalism Class, has now become applicable as a Capstone credit. It allows students to take part in our school newspaper, known as The Comet instead of coming up with their own independent projects.

I, myself, became apart of this class and became apart of The Comet staff. I write for the News and Features sections of The Comet and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t change the decision I made to join this class. Before joining, I was at a loss of ideas on what to do for my capstone because there were so many things already done and I felt that you needed to be creative, which is something I'm not. So, when Ms.Caturano presented this class to me, I jumped at the idea. Students can join the class by signing up with their guidance counselors or talking to Ms Caturano, who created the idea to have the journalism class run as a capstone and is the current teacher of the class.

As the first semester of this class comes to an end, I got together with Ms Caturano to discuss the successes of the program. Ms. Caturano says that this year was a big learning experience for her as well. She goes onto say,

“I was really excited to get to try out some new things and take Mrs. Albis’s very, very thorough curriculum, and work on creating an independent study version of The Comet. I really enjoyed letting my students get to work on what you wanted to work on and take ownership of your projects and take ownership of your articles and it was good to see you grow as writers and as people who became more comfortable in your roles.”

Throughout the duration of this class, I have definitely had my fair share of struggles, and one of the biggest was my interviewing skills. Which is one of the reasons Ms. Caturano says that joining The Comet would greatly benefit those who are more timid, such as myself. Ms. Caturano says, “This capstone is a really awesome opportunity to gather more interpersonal skills of talking to people and to work on your writing skills.”

Caturano also says that students also stand to benefit from this capstone, due to the fact that “This was something that gives back to the community in a way that I have not necessarily seen a lot of capstone projects give back to the community. Because now we have all these articles, we've grown The Comet into something. It’s online, it’s available for us, and it provides students a really focused way to move forward in their lives and careers.”

If you’re still skeptical as to why you should join The Comet, one of the BIGGEST benefits for me, was the fact that it was so much more guided than the independent capstone. Where it let us grow on our own as writers, and as young adults, it also gave us stability and guidance. It gave me an exact place of where I should be at every point in time. Being surrounded by others who are all working on different stories, but knowing they’re all on the same road as you are, really helped to keep me on track. Whereas in an independent capstone, everyone is flying in different directions and all working on completely different things. So if you’re looking for something simple, yet challenging capstone experience, join The Comet, where you can get more involved in the news going on in your school and the amazing things that are happening in our school community.