Student Spotlight

If you haven’t heard the name ‘Adam Perrotti’ then you probably are not from this state. He is our Hive leader, most school spirited, and most fun student in the school. Adam Perrotti offers many things to EHHS. He has won 1st runner up VSN video award, superintendent award, and student of the month. Throughout his years at EHHS, Adam says, “I hoped to make out reputation positive and reunite our community making us more school spirited”. Perrotti also explained that this is his last year, he will miss it, and he hopes his legacy continues on after he is gone. EHHS is important to Perrotti’s life and he would hate to see the school spirit he built demolish. Our staff is more than proud to have him representing us and our students look forward to the events he will hold and spirit he brings to EHHS.