Going back into Space

President Trump is revitalizing the NASA Space Program, in hopes to make America lead the forefront in space exploration again. The past years, ever since a spike in 2004 when there were talks of more moon exploration from Nasa and George W. Bush. There has been not a lot of emphasis on space travel since then, and almost a lack of interest in the public’s eye. A new policy from the White House calls for human expansion across the solar system. This will promote more uses for the moon and eventually lead to human exploration on Mars.

Nasa has been up to a lot lately, but it has not been in the limelight. Although they have come out with many new inventions and discoveries. In the past 10 years they have achieved consistency, such as in 2015, NASA discovered the Lagoon Nebula (Image #1). They even found out that there was a planet much like Earth but bigger and older called the Kepler-452b, but it is over 1,400 light-years away. It is hard for NASA to go through with some of their visions has they have had consistent hard times with budgets. Lower budgets for NASA means less money they can spend on their goals for space exploration, and with this new policy hopefully it will be able to go full throttle.

The moon has a big part in this plan, as it will be a key component for the future. They will utilize the moon for a facility, or a stopping point for a long journey to Mars as an example. The facility will be called “Deep Space Gateway” and will be on the moon or either on the area surrounding it. The “Gateway” will be useful for long journeys, so the astronauts could stop at the moon, refuel, resupply, and possibly have the building start from there instead on on Earth. The Moon is the first step for this long lasting plan for interstellar travel.

Mars is the next step in the plan, as that is the main goal. Although it will not be for a long time until we will get threw, it will help us find out more about the planet. Finding out more about Mars will be very important not only will it help us populate it in the future,it can give us information that will help us use the planet for more in the next years.

The White House’s new policy will put the spirit back into the space program. It will give NASA more freedom to pan for the future and change space travel as we know it. America is back on track to lead interstellar travel, and better than ever.

President Trump and Buzz Aldrin to the right of the picture.

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