School upgrades for East Haven

East Haven received a $800,000 in funding to improve our schools. The funding was from the State Bond Commission, but there was a lot of pull for it from Rep. Albis for this huge backing. Over the next few years there are gonna be nice improvements to out school district.

One of the biggest receivers of the grant was Joseph Melillo Middle School as they received $249,923 of the $800,000. The school will use it for equipment in the classrooms, some better technology upgrades that were needed. Mrs. Pompano said “We applied in the hopes of getting some money to make good improvements to the school.” The money will be well utilized as it was needed for a long time. The middle school is looking to improve the look of the inside also, as they are going to fix up some of the classrooms, making them look good as new. They also were going to use it to help the building, fixing up the shortcomings it has faced in the past few years.

East Haven Public Schools will look better than ever the next few years as they will use $580,000 to make general improvement to the schools, such as repairs to the structure of the building, and the sites of the schools. Some of the money is even going into technology upgrades not just for JMMS, but for other schools in the district as well. In an interview with Brian McCready, Rep. Albis said: "I am very pleased to see that East Haven features prominently in this last round of funding and look forward to the improvements for our schools." Keep a look out for the betterment of our schools helping our community look even better.