Girls volleyball rests after their reign of terror

The girls volleyball team made their presence heard throughout the state as they finished the 2017 season strong. The volleyball team put on a stunning performance where they ended the season with 21 wins and 6 losses overall. In their run for states they finished the Class M league with 6 wins and 2 losses. Julia Sangiovanni and Jessica Stettinger are two of the four seniors on the team who have been with the team for the four years that they have been at East Haven High School. Julia commented “Yah it was a good season. Didn’t expect to make it to the state finals. Coach was really proud of the team.” Jessica Stettinger continued on how it was like leading up to finals, “The team felt excited and confident.” The semifinal matchup against the Seymour Wildcats was a battle that the Yellowjackets would remember for a long time. Jessica Stettinger said, “It was a very close game where it was hard stopping every point. “It was a nailbiter.” Unfortunately the Yellowjackets’ girls volleyball season would come to an unexpected end when they would be defeated by St. Joseph of Trumbull, in the final Class M state championships. “We gave it everything we had.” Julia and Jessica said about their performances. The Yellowjackets’ exciting run during this volleyball season has now come to an end but it was an experience that united the school and created an enormous sense of pride for people on and off the court.