Stressed about college’s troublesome process, try organization!

Dear Jonny’s,

How do you deal with the stress of dealing with the whole college process of applications, recommendation letters, fafsa and such?



Dear Kaylee,

Thank you so much for submitting this question! The process of transitioning into college isn’t easy, but one way to stay on top of it and become stress free is organization. According to, , “Allow yourself smaller sprints of time to organize throughout the day, such as 10 to 25 minutes for every two hours of productive time. Figure out what timing works best for you.” (Voltolina), setting healthy limits with organization is key to handling any type of stress. This strategic organization trick will be sure to help you adhere to application deadlines and help you manage your time better on a daily basis. You can set alarms and work in time intervals. For example, spend 30 minutes on your college applications, take a 10 minute break, then spend 30 minutes on your FAFSA application, then take a 10 minute break, and then fill out your brag sheets, activity sheets, and transcript release form for recommendation letters for 30 minutes. By taking 2 hours (30 minutes in break time, 1 hour and 30 minutes in work time) to just fill out this paperwork can really benefit you in the future and help you meet these deadlines, and better prepare you for life whether it's school or work related. You should never leave this stuff for the last minute because, “As deadlines creep up on us, our body will release stress hormones in a last ditch effort to get things done,’ she says. While this can be the kick in the butt we need every once in a while, relying on this as a regular energy rush is unhealthy. Hanna compares it to borrowing money; the use of stress hormones can build up an energy debt in our system, causing long-term damage such as anxiety, depression and fatigue.” (Voltolina). Procrastination with deadlines can give us long lasting fatigue, stress, and anxiety, something that people are age shouldn’t have to deal with. I hope this helps you, if you have any further questions, or have friends that are looking for some advice, I will be looking forward to their questions as well. My email is, and if you need further application help, guidance counselors every Tuesday are in the library during lunch waves to help kids with college applications.