Gallery 35

Gallery 35, our school’s first art gallery, opened up on November 16th. Gallery 35 is located inside the auditorium. Art teacher, Mr Stevens has had a vision of opening up this gallery for the last four years that he has been teaching at East Haven. Stevens said, “The idea came to me 4 years ago when I got hired. I saw this space and thought that it looked like a gallery. So it took 4 years but last year, I sort of made the push and formally asked Mr.Denuzzo and Mrs. Harkins if we can turn it into a gallery. So it's taken a year.” Stevens also says that the turnout for the gallery opening was just the amount he’d expected. Although he is an art teacher, Stevens says that he actually went to the University of Michigan and got a degree in Anthropology.

Artist Susan Clinard, is the first artist to have pieces on display at the gallery. Clinard says that she fell in love with art at an early age but her inspiration really peaked when she took a sculpture class at age 19. After that, she began social work in Chicago, IL and continued to make art for over 23 years, and is now creating art as a full-time job, however she only does one show at a time. Clinard said, “Our shared narrative and our shared stories; some historicals, some happening now. I even have some pieces that refer to the recent floods.”

Observers, such as Chef Daniel Trzcinski of East Haven High School’s Culinary Arts program, says his favorite piece of art in the gallery is “The Waiting Room.” Trzcinski went on to say, “It has lots of comparison to life itself. What are we all waiting for? It looks like there is a time line, some young people and some old. There's a old man that looks like he's tired of waiting.” Newly instated Superintendent, Mrs. Erica Forti, said her favorite piece is the piece showing a mother protecting her child from harm during war. Forte continues saying “it is very moving and touching. And the painting of the burden we carry on our back. What are we holding inside that's drowning us?” Also, Mrs. Sulfur, says her favorite piece is “Noise” because it is very gnarly.