2017 Annual Christmas Tree Lighting

Thank You East Haven students and residents for coming out to our 2017 annual Christmas tree lighting.

This year we invited you to come gather the town green with us and celebrate the upcoming New Year. We had many events throughout the day, festivities, fun and more!

Thank you to the volunteering staff as well. It is always pleasant to see familiar town faces, during the holidays! Students at EHHS, for the upcoming years the Christmas tree lightning is a great opportunity to get started and or complete community service for the upcoming years.

There was a wide variety of things that went on as this year’s tree lighting. There were things such as Rene Voira, (203) 494-9479, mikenae10@yahoo.com to work activity booths. There will be activities such as cookie decorating, horse walking stables, obstacle courses, s'more roastings and rides to operate. Along with wearing costumes, and assisting with the wood work shop building. There were other events starting with Santa on the fire trucks approximately at 2:00 p.m. and the Joseph Melillo Middle School band performed their christmas carols! Dance Connection dancers performed at 4:00 and followed up with Raffle Back at 4:30, there were opportunities to win awesome prices. The Christmas Tree Lighting started at 5:00 sharp, and everything was spectacular. We thank all for who came out to support and hope to see you’s next year!

We wish all cheer and good spirit in this upcoming year.