The Public Schools of East Haven all are banning together to show what EH schools are really about. So Teacher, Administrators, and even students are using the #WeAreEHPS hashtag to showcase news, features, and school pride that pertain to the schools. But it is not just for the schools, it shows people what we are about and how we are trying to improve our community.

Often teachers use this Hashtag on Twitter to gives people an inside look to what they do in their classes on a daily basis, or to show off the end result of students working hard, such as a project. Students even use it to show their school spirit or to send out information important to their peers. Administrators use it to promote extra curricular activities, athletic events, and anything academic that gives a positive message to the school and community. From Mr.Hughes's perspective, he said “It’s a great opportunity for us to showcase what's happening in the school district, to give people an inside look at what we are doing.”

#WeAreEHPS is a beacon for which East Haven Public school can communicate to our community, it can show all the good we are doing for the school. In the words of Principal DeNuzzo, “Whenever we were trying to promote something positive within our buildings, we spread that so that we use the hashtag #WeAreEHPS to show all the great things that are happening not just here at EHHS but also in the elementary school and in the district. As a way to bring everyone together and promote the positives and as part of the brand ing of the school district.” So join in, use #WeAreEHPS and help promote our school and show what we are all about.