The Real Capstone Experience

Capstone has helped shaped the community of East Haven a lot in the past 4 years. From adding a skatepark, having canned food and clothing drives as well as restoring the Cannon on the East Haven Green.

How do people go about doing such things though? I went around asking previous students about capstone and one graduate, Andrew McGovern said,

“I considered multiple options for a project that will benefit others.”

Andrew made a guide called “How To Be Successful In School.” It was a pamphlet that Freshmen could use a reference for areas they need to improve on in order to be more successful in school.

Sometimes the idea just comes from what you are interested in, such as history. Matthew Massimino restored the cannon while Joe Bunyan recreated the Battle of Bastogne. Currently a senior at the high school Joseph Bunyan said, “I did it because it goes along with my interests which gave me an advantage of getting a good grade.”

Unlike what Joe did, you don't have to spend money on your project. Matt cleaned up the cannon on the green and all he had to do was get approval from the town hall.

Basically, plan it ahead and see if it was your interested in, as long as you are having fun while doing it you should have no problem. As for advice though? In the words of Joe Bunyan, “f you have a hobby or an interest, use that as your project. After that, then it should be an easy ride if you're determined about this project.”