Seniors and Community Service

Now that we are getting to the end of the second marking quarter, an important deadline is inching closer for senior students. The 20 hour community service requirement is due at the end of Semester one. This is a graduation requirement, so without this, you will not be permitted to graduate.

Community service requirements are important because it helps to build a student’s skills in regards to leadership, as well as making new friends and connections. Volunteering community service hours, can also give students an advantage in the college application process. Some colleges even have community service as part of their requirements. To keep track of how many hours you have, you can request your transcript at the desk in the guidance office. Alternatively, you will receive a letter home and your guidance counselor will meet with you if you have not met the required amount of hours.

To make sure you fulfill the required hours needed to graduate, students are advised to meet with their guidance counselors or with Mrs. Harkins, to get informed of current opportunities. According to Mrs. Harkins, right now is a good time for volunteering. “The holidays are a good time to volunteer for those in need” says Mrs. Harkins. Even if it seems hopeless that you will not complete the full 20 hours by the end of Semester 1, Mrs. Harkins recommends that students continue to seek out community service opportunities by either asking her, checking the announcements, or the bulletin board in the main office.