Libya Slave Trade Problems

Two men are sold by slave trade and for merely $400 dollars. And no, this isn’t an event that occurred in the 17th or 18th century. This is still happening around the world with the most recent news coming from Libya. According to CNN, 150,000 immigrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea every year for the past 3 years. On average of 3,000 dying while trying to cross. Those who are caught are sent back to Libya,being held in detention centers, and others are made to start from square one with nothing in their name.

The IOM (International Organization of Migration) has a Senegal witness that describes the first prison Traders forced the slaves into a private home which can hold as many as 100 hostages. He describes the conditions as dreadful and only being served a meal once a day. Those who could not pay for a meal were shot and killed.

One of the biggest questions being asked is how is this even happening? So many Libyan children dream of having a better life are illegally rushing out on boats and getting caught. There’s a backlog on the Detention Centers. Therefore, the slaves being taken are not being accounted for because the reports are not updated.

We are not talking about only Libyan born people are being sold. Algerians and Senegalese people are also being sold. Even though the U.N and the Libyan government have launched an investigation, there are outcries for more to be done. Libya is considered a failed state and ascended into a civil war ever since 2011. It’s a country where its transitional government has failed its people into implementing a Rule of Law. With so many gangs, tribes, and other factions among the country, slave trade is high and lucrative business which have no means to stop anytime soon. There are those who call this matter “exaggerated” with one of those very men being the U.N representative of Libya, Elmahdi Elmajerbi quoting that the reports of the slave trade, “false media campaign of defamation,”, “trying to depict Libya as Racist country.” Countries like France, Niger, Chad, and Germany along with 5 other countries have all agreed to evacuate thousands stuck in Libya detention centers. Around the world there are cries for more help and more action protests outside embassy in Paris. While some athletes like Soccer stars Benjamin Mendy from Manchester City and Paul Pogba from Manchester United have all posted and celebrated a goal by crossing out his arms in support of Libya.

Hopefully together we can end these tragic and finally once and for all get past these inhuman business.

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