East Haven Public Schools new superintendent!

As our new superintendent Erica Forti takes her new position, she- along with the community, is very excited for this year. Ms. Forti has been involved in the district for many years, and has great experience. She has an undergraduate degree from Clarkson University, a bachelor's degree in psychology and education management, masters degree in education from Southern, and also received her 6th year teaching degree. She has great goals as our new superintendent, and everyone seems to be very excited.

This isn’t Ms. Forti’s first year in the East Haven community, she has been involved in the community for multiple years. Before being moved up to Superintendent, she was assistant superintendent since 2011. Prior to that, she was the district curriculum coordinator. Some other jobs she had was a teacher at a bilingual program, magnet school, and an instructional coach. With much experience with teaching and school programs, she says, “My previous jobs have given me different sets of skills and knowledge for what I do, along with mentors.”

Mrs. Forti’s biggest overall goal for East Haven Public Schools is, “To provide the best education for all students.” She also wants to have adequate funding for the students and children, so everyone can have what they need for the best education experience possible. She believes this will require input to enrich that so everything is done in the best interest for the kids. That would include purchases, hires, etc.

Of course Ms. Forti loves her job, but says it can be challenging at times- as any job would be. She says, “A lot of things require your attention, and if you’re not careful, you could get burnt out.” However, she says it is also incredibly rewarding. “Watching our athletes, students, band, National Honor Society, presenting student of the month and watching kids succeed and enjoy it is very rewarding, like it was all worth it.” She loves the student body, and claims the students have made her a better teacher.