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In the spotlight this week at EHHS is senior student, Kyle Storer. Storer has shown throughout his time as a student here that he has qualities that make him stand out amongst the rest of the EHHS student body.

Kyle Storer, only 17, is a professional Esports gamer. Storer explains that he was intrigued by the game, Rocket League and became very good at it. “I saw that there were open sign ups and I took the chance” says Storer. Just for being apart of the tournament team Kyle makes $1600 a month, spends multiple hours at night playing to practice, and takes the time to travel to be a part of each tournament with hope to win. Using his winnings wisely, Storer takes his winnings and saves up.

Kyle Storer overcomes the challenge by managing his time of being a dedicated gamer and excellent student. Kyle says, “When I am away at a tournament and I come back, I have to catch up but usually the amount of work is not that stressful depending on how long I was gone for”.

Kyle Storer is just one of many outstanding students at EHHS and we hope to feature more throughout the next couple of weeks.

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