Preparation, the foundation of success

As the fall seasons come to an end, the winter and spring season sports prepare for the upcoming sports season. In the Webster Dictionary, conditioning is defined as, “the process of training to become physically fit by a regimen of exercise, diet, and rest.”. One team already at full throttle in their conditioning program are the boys basketball team. The boys’ progress has been observed by head coach, Rick Narracci, during their training sessions. When asking Coach Narracci about the importance of team conditioning he responded saying, “Once the season starts the emphasis shouldn’t be on getting in shape”. Coaches want to start off the season with building the athletes instead of using valuable practice time to get the players in the shape that they should already be in. As well as preparing the athlete for the upcoming physically and mentally, conditioning is a stepping stone to prevent injury. Athletic director, Anthony Verderame strongly supports this claim. In a recent interview he quoted, “Team conditioning prepares the athletes physically and mentally for the season but only if done properly by qualified individuals.”. Mr. Verderame emphasised on the fact that conditioning should always be done properly for it to be effective. In addition to physical and mental preparation, conditioning helps to create team chemistry prior to the season. Coach Narracci talked about how a team builds team chemistry through team conditioning which helps the team to work together and get things done as a team. With the importance of participating in team conditioning, an individual should also condition on their own as well to become well rounded athlete.