Music Review: Marteen

Marteen Estevez is a 16 year old born to Colombian and American parents.His parents had encouraged him to follow his passion of music.Born from the Northern California, he takes his Bay Area influence and Nineties R&B and bashes it up to call it his own style.He started off making instagram covers and taught himself how to play the guitar with youtube videos.His most popularized song is “Sriracha”, even though it has a somewhat catchy beat,the song itself lyrical wise … it’s typical song. Almost everything we’ve heard in the past, along with that Marteen is forcing his lyrics to rhyme, “ That’s why I call you Lil ‘Racha Aye, aye Girl you got a body like Sriracha Everytime I bring you ‘round the homies wanna watch ya Got it from your momma, but that ain’t what she taught ya That’s why I call you Lil ‘Racha.” The lyrics don’t go along with the beat, in general it’s a forced song which kinda makes it boring.