Why Don't We Have More Senior Activities?

Attention all students, over the years you attend here at East Haven High it is mandatory that each grade pays their class dues. You can give your money to your class officers, preferably in the beginning of the first three years. Rather than all at once during senior year. By paying your dues, it provides the classes in the school to the school to be more into school events such as homecoming, field trips, hand materials, prom, ect.

When we collect dues and everyone turns them in on a reasonable time it gives us a amount to be able to budget things and plan ahead properly, that way the initial cost can be at a less higher expense for activities and even events. Last year the class of 2017 took it upon themselves to plan a end of the year senior luncheon, students went with their graduating class and teachers to a fine catering restaurant. For the class of 2018, from the time you get into high school that is the initial time to start planning and coming up with ideas for you and your classmates to experience fun activities and create memories with both friends and teachers. The earlier student start paying, in the first three years can all be more efficient in planning events for yourselves..

Paying class dues is a mandatory requirement. The initial cost for dues is ten dollars for the first two years, and twenty dollars for the third year attending. In order to graduate each student must turn them in. If however you choose not to pay class dues you will be ineligible to attend Class dues go towards class activities. If you do not pay class dues, you are ineligible to attend class events. Examples include but are not limited to, Senior Prom, Senior Luncheon and Senior Trip. If you do not attend class activities at all, then you are not required to pay dues.

In my opinion it is best to turn the dues in on time that way we, as well as all grades in our school can do our own events with each other and plan some ideas. Another way to contribute to planning for school events is fundraising. Student participation in fundraising activities are the most effective way in lowering the initial costs for events. It is best to attend class meetings, share ideas with your class officers, discuss concerns or suggestions with advisors and or administration and complete surveys that are shared during advisory.

Most ideal way would be to pay class dues during the beginning of the year that way we are sufficiently funded throughout each and every year, rather than at later points when it is too late to do activities throughout the year as well as senior events. This also helps that way dues do not get compounded with other costs of things to do throughout the year that may interest you.