The New Capstone Created Skate Park

The newest hotspot in East Haven is the new skate park at Joseph Melillo Middle School, and it is all due to one student who had Capstone. The new park has a slick new style and was just recently opened

The park’s new features are very new and exciting style, some of the features are a huge half skateboard ramp, a half pipe, a bump jump spine, along with many grind rails and box jumps. All of these have just recently been installed and still have a fresh new look. To build the skatepark, they hired American Ramp Co. they go around the country to build skateparks such as ours. To go along with this, there has been a half basketball court and still three tennis court, shaping the area to be a great addition to the community.

This park is partly due to Jake Zito, who proposed the park for his Capstone project. Jake is an advent bike rider and throughout the years he had to take many trips to different towns just to get a few ramps. With a few months of planning, and a structure provided by Capstone, Jake had a meeting with Mayor Joseph Maturo to discuss plans for the park. Jake said, ”Proposing a skatepark to the town of East Haven was just something I seemed like I had to do. I had been riding bmx bikes for over 5 years and my friends and I never had a designated place to ride. I wanted to get a skatepark in East Haven, not just for me, but for the young children who wanted to start learning action sports.”

The new skate park is at Joseph Melillo Middle School and is on route to be another staple in our community. The slick new design will make it the next hotspot for anyone who wants to get active.