Powderpuff: 12 Years Strong!

Going into its 12th year, Powderpuff has been a tradition and it won't stop yet

For a decade, Powderpuff has been a tradition for East Haven High School but most people do not know what it is… ¨[It´s a] flag football game between Juniors and Seniors that was conceived for school spirit¨ says Mr. Tolla, who has been a coach for the past 11 years.

Half the school rallies up to watch the upperclassmen battle it out for bragging rights, as they run the ball, pass it, pull flags, and even maybe trashtalk. It is a good way for them to showcase their skills while also playing fairly and competitively.

For the senior coaches it goes, Mr. Gaudioso and Mr. Parcesepe, while for the juniors it is, Mr. Tolla and Mr. Rev. The coaches and grade level stay together for 2 years.

The game is scheduled for Wednesday, November 22nd and entry is $1, all the money goes towards charity.

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