Mrs. Martin the new HOSA teacher

East haven high school has a new health science teacher, Mrs.Martin. If you do not take HOSA or any of the health classes then you would not know that our school has a new HOSA teacher named Mrs. Martin. Mrs. Martin is the new teacher and has worked at EHHs before.

Mrs. Martin was an intern at EHHfor a year and taught some of Mrs. Tippings lessons. Mrs. Martin graduated from the University of New Haven twice. She graduated once with her bachelor's and once with her masters. Mrs. Martin was a dental hygienist and didn't really like it, she thought it was boring. Later on in her life she took a summer teaching program and loved it. Mrs. Martin was a nurse for 4 years, she had to be a nurse before becoming a CNA teacher.

Mrs. Martin realized she wanted to teach high school age and started to pursue that path. Mrs. Martin has a goal for her CNA class and it's “That they pass the CNA test. Mrs. Tipping has a really good track record, she usually gets a 100 percent class rate, so my challenge is to get close to that.”. This is Mrs. Martin’s main goal for the year and she hopes to do everything to be able to complete this goal.