New vision for old high school

Joe Maturo is finally turning the old high school on Tyler Street into a town centerpiece. After years of lying abandoned the building is getting rebooted into several different facilities. The plans include a theater, new pool, new gym, and a senior living center. Taxpayers don’t have to worry because one of the companies overseeing the project, WinnDevelopment, is funding the 30 million dollar construction.

WinnDevelopment is in charge of constructing the front portion, which will be the senior living center. The rear portion which will be a community center is under the care of Landmark Architects. The front portion will be a dedicated senior living area with 70 units of housing. The rear portion will be a community center for use by any resident or organization in town. The auditorium will receive an upgrade into a 300 seat modern theater.

Another plan expressed by Sal Brancati, Director of Economic Development, was to divide it and use a part of it for new council chambers for town committee meetings. The other portion of the gym will be used to show movies to kids and to potentially be used by the town's Art Committee who holds a few plays a year. The gym and pool will be opened to every town resident.

“Having these facilities along with the elderly living here is a great working relationship. The elderly can benefit for it. Everyone who goes to our swimming pool and the other facilities, the council chambers and our theater will also benefit from everybody living and working together,” said Sal Brancati. Although the project has yet to be approved by our state, the plan is to begin the two year construction in 2018.