Football Senior Captains Of 2017

Yellowjackets’ Senior captains for this 2017 Football season are Andrew Luzzi and Justin Fonacier. Both athletes never fail to give a positive outlook among their teammates. They both put the most effort into each practice, games, and expect their teammates to do the same.

Head coach, Melvin Wells he said, “Andrew is a guy who had to fight for everything he’s gotten. At every opportunity, He’s proven himself successful. He’s our vocal leader and a mature kid as they come.” Coach Wells says of Senior captain, Justin Fonacier, “Justin’s work ethic and demand for the entire team to work just as hard as they know how as set him apart from everyone else on the team. That combo right there, when you have a leadership like that, it takes you a long way in being successful.” Both boys have developed as an athlete and learned a lot about responsibility.

Andrew and Justin said of their experiences, “I enjoyed being the one others looked up to, and I took pride in helping all my teammates with their problems and watching their progress during the season.” Two things that set them apart as leaders were their persistence and their refusal to quit, even when times were tough. They always have had a chip on their shoulder, sets the game of football to a incredibly high standard, that they do for each and every member of the team, which allows the team to go as far as it can because of their leader always pushing each and every member of the team to strive to make it to the playoffs. They push their teammates to strive for greatness and to have the will to keep pushing. Both of these athletes have earned every right to lead their team and have showed on and off the field that they're the perfect choice for the job.