Fluctuating temperature distracts students from learning

On a daily basis at EHHS the most common thing you will hear a student talk about is about the temperature in the class. I believe that the most distracting part of school is being uncomfortable while trying to learn. Senior student, Alex DeMayo says, “I believe that worrying about how cold or hot it is while learning is a huge distraction, this is a problem that has been on going the four years that I have attended EHHS”. We all know that it is a struggle for everyone to wake up in the morning and choose what they want to wear in the morning. Demayo also explains to all incoming freshman that, “the temperature is never consistent. Never depend on the temperature outside, everyday inside the school the temperature it is different. It is a struggle dressing for school in the morning, every classroom is different, most of the time it is cold”. With the data I collected based on a weekly checked thermostat, the weather has been around 68-50 degrees in the morning. Typically students, dress according to the weather in the morning. With that being said, at EHHS, it is a known fact that every classroom is a different temperature everyday, making it difficult for students to dress accordingly to the weather and focusing on learning instead of being cold or hot.

Going into a classroom you never know what the temperature will be because it is always fluctuating. Not only is the temperature a distracting while trying to learn but it is not good for your health. Research from www.bustle.com states that, “there's one big thing that temperature changes don't do: they don't create more colds or weaken the immune system. The cold virus can replicate more rapidly at colder temperatures, so you're more likely to get ill once temperatures drop and stabilize there”. With that being said, it’s important that the temperature inside the school stays consistent and is correctly based on the weather outside and each classroom should be the same. East Haven High School needs to make an effort to have consistent temperature of 68 degrees so that students can focus on school work without worrying about being too hot or too cold.