A Capstone project dares to recycle

Poster made by the capstone class (Photo by Joe Castellano)

A capstone class run by Mrs.Goraieb is on a mission to get the High School recycling to improve the environment! Starting soon, have your recyclables ready for collection during 7th period.

Last year, during the 2016-2017 school year, a Comet article wrote that the High School is required by state law to recycle, but has not been recycling for some time. Currently the blue recycling bins in classrooms are still just more trash pails sending more and more recyclable materials to landfills. Mrs. Goraieb capstone class is working to change this.

The students in her class have been researching the negative effects of not recycling and unrecyclable materials. Currently they are working on spreading awareness about recycling. Their goal is to inform others of the detrimental effects of waste, positive effects of recycling, and what is and is not recyclable. To do this, some students have been working on creating and spreading posters, while others have been working on creating an informational video for advisory.

Also, as mentioned, they will be collecting recyclables during 7th period soon and have had two recycling containers set up at the loading dock to ship the materials out.

In order to illustrate the importance of this capstone project, consider that, “The EPA estimates that 75% of the American waste stream is recyclable,” according to Dosomething.org, a non-profit organization motivating young people to make positive change. That’s a lot of recyclable materials that can easily and quickly be used to create new products, instead much of it ends up in landfills. Many of these items are plastic that can take more than 400 years to biodegrade, meaning decompose, according to National Geographic. To further understand the magnitude of the dire recycling situation, according to National Geographic, studies show “by mid-century, the oceans will contain more plastic waste than fish, ton for ton.”

Making environmental change starts by recycling within our own community. It will be a great start to recycle your water bottles and other materials during school. But, you can also recycle at home. A complete list of accepted recyclable materials and items in East Haven can be found here: Town of East Haven - Single Stream Recycling Flyer.

Recycling posters made and hung up by the Recycling Capstone class (photo by Joseph Castellano)