New year, New faces

Every year a new set of teachers come into the high school, this year is no different.

The new math teacher Erika Williams may be a new teacher but she is no stranger to East Haven. Originally from Oneida, NY she went to college at the University of New Haven where she received a “Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with minors in Criminal Justice and Psychology” and then received a master’s degree in Education. With that she started her journey post-college...

She first became an intern at the high school during the 2015-2016 school year, before going on to student teach at North Haven High School for a semester. She comments on that experience,

“Interning was a great experience because I was able to work with several teachers throughout the building and learn all types of teaching styles. During student teaching, I was able to focus more on my math teaching skills which is helping me today in the classroom.”

Now she is a teacher here who is currently in room E320(Mr. Piccianos old room), where she wants students to grow into well-rounded and respectable individuals.

“I love working with high school aged kids and want to see them grow and mature into successful citizens.” Ms. WIlliams said.

As for her future plans? Coaching. She is currently the Stratford High School softball coach but she would love to get involved more with EHHS either with basketball or softball.