Injuries plague the fall sports teams

This fall the volleyball, soccer, and football teams have all had their fair share of injuries this fall throughout their individual seasons. Volleyball has dealt with their portion of sprains, and aches with Kylie Schlottman recently recovering from a back injury gladly before the girls begin their playoff campaign. Boys and girls soccer has had their own slice of injuries on the soccer field. Both teams had multiple injuries with the most common being ankle sprains and concussions causing many key players to not be able to perform at all or at their best. The football team has had regular visits to the athletic trainer with cases ranging from head to toe and including the persistent concussion . It was a huge loss for the team when senior player, Paul Diaz, injured his ACL and was unable to play with the team this season. Injuries have made this football season a difficult one so far, but they have a ways to go before finishing off the season. Marc Aceto, the athletic trainer mentioned that this fall season, the most common injury throughout the sports teams were ankle injuries. He has had assistance from interns from Quinnipiac and Southern University who he said, “They have been very efficient and patient with the number of patients that that come in.”. A recent talk with the Athletic Director, Anthony Vederame revealed that there are actions taking place to focus on injury prevention for the athletes themselves. He said “We plan to create a summer workshop for ACL, concussion, and other sport injuries. We will focus on increasing student knowledge, training principles, core strength, and balance. Core helps to prevent concussions.”. It is good to see that strides are being taken for the fight against injuries.