The truth about cellphones

Students at EHHS struggle with the cell phone policy. “If seen then it will be taken” as Mr. Hughes would say, is hard for people to obey. Many of us would never admit it but cell phones are a true distraction to learning and life itself.

For the most part people use their phones for various reasons other than just for communications. It is known that people use their phones for social media, texting, health and medical records, videos and pictures, online banking, and games.

Grace Hutcheson, a 12th grade student, says “I’m on my phone most of my free time. For example, if I am sitting around doing nothing, you can find me texting or on snapchat”. It has become a major issue for not only our school but for the whole world. I would say that cell phones can be considered as an addiction. Hutcheson also explains that whenever her phones glows up with a notification it is an instinct to look a quickly at her phone.

Research on, states that “Cell phones are constantly being improved by expanding upon their functionalities, which in turn increases the likelihood of overuse and addiction.” For this is why cellphones have become a huge problem for people.

I believe that cell phones have affected the way people communicate with others and have an impact on the socializing with the world around you because instead of talking face to face people hide behind the phone.