School start times

Students and teachers disagree on when high school should start. Some believe it should begin early and others believe that it should start later in the morning. Many people believe that high school should start later for many reasons.

High school should start later because students are not getting to school on time. This is a problem because they either wake up late or get so overwhelmed throughout the week and get so tired to go to school everyday. When students come to school, they do not have a positive attitude so early in the morning. This is a problem because they have so much work backed up from school everyday and get stressed out to complete it. Some students from EHHS for example a student Vincenzo Cortese(sophomore) feels that ¨School should start regular time because I'm used to waking up at the same time since he started going to school, I wouldn’t want to wake up a different time to go to school.¨ Another student from EHHS for example Sandra Milano (Senior) feels that ¨School should stay the same time because I likes leaving school early before other school because they leave later than us and even though in the morning it´s a struggle to get to school I still would like the fact that I can leave early to get major priorities done after school.¨

Teachers are the same because they need to make sure they get to school and do their job to teach to kids and give them the education they need. Some teachers from EHHS for example our librarian Mrs.Goraieb feels that ¨I am used to the early time in the morning to get to school and I enjoy getting out of school at 2:15.¨ Another teacher from EHHS for example Mrs.Marsico feels that ¨School should start later in the morning because I want students to get an adequate amount of sleep to get to school on time and have plenty of time to accomplish work at school.¨

Schools around the world start different times and mostly it´s because of the age group. High School´s might start early because, as young adults, the students have other activities to do after school like jobs, sports, or stay after school to work with a teacher on a project. When school starts early it gives more time for students to do work after school. Us as students are much more mature and we have many more responsibilities on our hands now that we are in high school and need to focus on our career and what we want to be. For school to start early it gives us the courage and confidence to get work done and make an effort to coming to school, instead of hanging out with friends and do nothing in class. This will help to get work done talk to other people and get their opinions on school activities, and just an overall conversation during school.

Some students feel that school needs to start later in the morning because the amount of sleep a person gets will affect how they work in school everyday. Having to wake up early will make a student tired and not want to go to school because their body cannot physically wake up and go to school. Also because school starts early students can get very tired in school may fall asleep during class, not participate in the work, and just give up on working because they are just too tired.

Considering all of these reasons on both sides of the argument, school should start later than it currently does because it gives students and teachers more time in the morning to prepare and focus themselves for the day.