Independent Reading Credit Opportunity

Students are being offered a chance to join the Independent Reading study, directed by Mrs. Goraieb and English teachers in order to help gain back potential credit loss.

This is independent reading program is where students can work independently, as well as on their own time to earn credits for a class they may have failed by reading books, writing book reviews and creating book chats for the library website. You will be taking quizzes on the books you read with either Mrs. Goraieb or your English teacher. Every student is welcome to sign up as soon as possible, and will be expected to meet with Mrs. Goraieb to receive the google classroom code. You will set a reading goal for yourself.

Mrs. Goraieb is looking forward to students joining, she believes that many students believe they do not like to read. She believes that they just have yet to find the right book. She says, ¨I am hoping that I can help students to find books that they enjoy and that they can experience the awesomeness of reading. I enjoy reading because I experience different peoples lives and perspectives and innermost feelings. I learn about things and ideas even from fiction! But reading allows me to escape from reality for a bit and live through someone else.¨ This is a great opportunity to read books you want to outside of school.

According to Mrs. Goraieb, benefits of reading are overwhelming! Brain function and memory improve from reading. Reading helps expand vocabulary and retain knowledge. Many people participate in book clubs as a form of social interaction, to connect with other students through reading. Furthermore, this is a rare opportunity. You can read on your own time, and do the requirements to help gain a credit for a class. If you are interested sign up as soon as possible. For further interest or information contact Mrs. Goraieb or your English teacher.