Media Club Plans

Do you want to be in a movie? Does film production interest you? Do you need community service hours? The Media Club is on route to have another year with big goals . With the help from Mr. Miles and Mr. Becker, the club has big plans to do more activities and to broaden the horizon. The club works alongside ETV (East Haven Public Television) to help with the filming and production of the East Haven High School Hockey Team, and also is a great way to get much needed community service hours if you want to help. They also film school concerts, plays, and other sports. This is not the club’s only plans, as there are hopes to film and produce a pre- and a post- season hockey show. The show is still in the planning stages and is looking for additional help.

Also, filming competitions are still a big part of the Media Club, these have students competing to make the best film that they can in a small amount of time. There are two competitions that they plan to be apart of, one in January, the Best Video Student Film Fest, and one in May, the ExpoFest film night. Both these events challenge students to write and create films that will be judged and ranked alongside other student films. If you are interested, they always have room for actors and crew members, but it will be no easy task.

The club meets every Monday from 2:00pm-3:30pm in Mr. Miles’s room, S008. If you want to be a part of the filming and production, the student film contests, or just want to have some fun, come join the Media Club.