Girls volleyball setting up for a great season

Girls are spiking their way into a great season. The girls have already made a huge difference from last year already.They currently hold a season record of 11-3 and league record of 4-1. Already qualifying for states by winning more than 5 games. The team is now working on what it sees as its weak point on defense according to Assistant Coach, Ms. Serio.

The team’s process to get ready for such a hard rushed season is complicated and starts early. Ms Serio states that the team prepares by joining summer leagues, and having some girls compete in premier clubs which only take some talented players. Although having a good start, the team has some minor injuries with the starting 6. The team is already preparing for a successful season next year as well.. Mrs Serio stated, “That the coaches look upon for the preparation of the team next year and admitted that they do put in younger kids to prepare them for next year, she said that, “With hard work, dedication and belief anything can happen,” including winning the whole state tournament.