New health center coming soon!

There is a school-based health center being built in East Haven High School hopefully before this school year ends. School-based health centers are becoming very popular around the state of Connecticut now, and soon a new one will be right in our school. As of right now, there are thirty of these centers in Connecticut, and eighteen of them are school-based. This can have many benefits to our school when it is completed, and the school and board of education seems very excited for this new addition!

Many people throughout the school are curious about the purpose of this new health center is.. School-Based Health services provide medical, behavioral health, and mobile dental care. After talking to Mr. DeNuzzo, he told us the district, board of education, and school all thought this would be a beneficial addition to our school for everyone. The district’s goal is to “enhance ability to meet the needs of students, and provide them with the skills necessary to meet their full academic and social potential.” They want to promote the physical, mental and developmental health of all students in the school so they are able to learn.

A very popular question is what the difference would be between this and the nurse’s office. Well, School-Based Health services and school nurses work together but serve different roles. The school nurse manages all students in a school but cannot provide primary care. School-Based Health services provide primary care for children who are enrolled in services (e.g.physicals, vaccines, counseling). All students have access to the school nurse, but only those students who enroll in the School-Based Health services are able to access those services. Another common question is whether or not this will replace your normal primary care doctor- no it doesn’t. They work together, and want to encourage students to keep annual visits with their primary care doctor.

There are multiple different opinions on this new addition to our school. Some seem to think it can be very helpful, but others disagree. An anonymous “EHHS” senior said, “I’m not sure how helpful this will really be, but I wish they were working on it in the summer more or at night when not as many kids are in the school. Sometimes the construction is very disturbing in class.” There are others who didn’t even know a health center was being put into our school. Another anonymous source said, “I didn't even know this was happening, but I don't understand why they would put this in our school, especially with a clinic right down the street.” There seems to be a good amount of people on both sides of opinions. A senior at the school, Josh Brown says, “I think it's beneficial to the kids who are less fortunate and that have less access to resources.” Once the center is completed, we will have more information on how it will run exactly, and how you can enroll.