Library Media Center Update

The LMC is undergoing changes and to keep our readers more informed we are creating this new LMC column. Here we will post updates on what’s happening, books being read, info on Books & Brownies, and LSAB.

Currently one way of finding out what is going on in the LMC is through a newsletter for teachers and faculty published by Mrs. Goraieb. It provides updates on the LMC and features what they are reading, but it is more for faculty. This column will keep students and all of the high school more updated on the LMC.

During classes students use the LMC for research and group projects. During free time, students do work, print assignments, and hang out with friends. Currently LSAB is looking for ways to improve the library media center. They have been thinking of ideas such as adding a small cafe which would have snacks for sale and be run by students during study halls for community service hours. They also have thought of adding board and puzzle games, something Branford high school has in their LMC. I asked several students about these ideas and they all seemed to like them. Autumn Hernandez, a senior, suggested to “make it easier to find books.” To that end, LSAB is also working on renewing the library by creating new signs and posters to keep things more organized and easier to find. Some suggestions, such as, “having it open 7th period” and “being able to use it during lunch” made by Mike Gaudioso, Jack Kabel, Isabella Turcio, Gina DiVerniero, and Danny Baronski, can be hard to resolve due to scheduling issues in which there is not enough faculty to staff the LMC for use by students. Another suggestion was to have “more comfortable places to sit.” More comfortable seating seems to be on student’s minds, according to a student survey done at Branford high school and posted on their website, students number one request for their library was more comfortable seating. This is something LSAB could work on, but would need fundraising and right now is not a top priority. Brianna, a sophomore, and Leah, a junior, would like to see “more book options available,” another improvement that would need fundraising by LSAB. This input will be considered by LSAB as they work to make the LMC a better place for students.

Students can get more involved in improving the library by joining LSAB, supporting future LSAB fundraisers, or simply making full use of the library respectfully and responsibly.