Internships Available to Students

Recently I found out our school is offering multiple internships to students this year. The internships are with the EH Police department, EHHS tech services, and EHHS Library Media Center. Mr. DeNuzzo informed me that, “the police department currently has a program and we are going to set up a program with tech services, computer science, our library media specialist. Mrs. Goraieb can teach kids about a career in the library and library media. We can certainly work with possible culinary interns. That's something we're hopefully gonna expand on. And then teaching internships for those who want to possibly go in a career in education.”

If you know what career you want to pursue in the future you might be able to get a internship in that career you're looking into. Mr. DeNuzzo suggests that students should “Express what they want to take an internship in so we can identify who's interested and go from there.” If you are interested in taking part, your internship will start depending on the internship you are going to take. “The police cadet internship will start in probably the end of October. For other students in our internships it will depend on when the individuals are hosting them.” These internships can benefit students who are looking to attend college after high school. Mr.Denuzzo said that, “An internship could expose a student or a group of students to a possible career path that they may want to pursue in college or trade [school].” Our school recently started offering these opportunities to expose our students to as many opportunities and/or careers as possible. Where it is great to put kids in a class where they learn about a career path, there is nothing more valuable than being able to be in a setting where you can physically experience the day to day work. For example, in the police internship program, if you think you might want to go into a career of law enforcement, working at the police department with their officers exposes you to what that life it truly like. The same is true in other fields.

These internships are a good addition to our school for students who want to expierence more in a potential career. They can use these interships on resemes for jobs, colleges, and other internships. Overall these will benefit any student who decied to enroll.