Why we need more bathrooms at school

In a school with four grade levels, easily over 900 students, and a whole staff, they shouldn’t all be sharing one or two bathrooms. For all the students and some staff to constantly share one bathroom is very troublesome and annoying.

Having only one bathroom open is disadvantaging for multiple reasons. The only bathroom that is usually open all of the time is the one towards the english wing on the main level. If a student is in a wheelchair, or even on crutches, this can make using the bathroom more time consuming than it should be, and more difficult.

Also, if you have a test in a class, or you know you won’t be able to leave class for a certain amount of time, you may decide to go to the bathroom in between classes. However, there is usually a line of four or more girls to the bathroom. If you wait in line, then you will most likely be late for your next class, causing a tardy. If you are in class and have to use the bathroom, if you’re in a classroom farther away from the bathroom, you’re going to miss more class time than you should be.

The students agree that more bathrooms should be opened more periods, most say it is annoying and an inconvenience. A female junior says, “It’s just annoying when you’re far away from it or if you’re in a rush and there’s a line.”

Even when there are substitute teachers around the building, they also will have to use the same bathroom, since they do not have keys for the other bathrooms. Now if they are waiting, but have to cover a class, that can also be an inconvenience. The school needs to unlock more of the bathrooms for at least a couple more periods, as there are so many bathrooms but most of them aren’t even being used.