A Day in the Life of a Guidance Counselor

Why are guidance counselors always out? This is what students usually ask themselves when they try to meet them but in fact, those guidance counselors are actually running around helping other students. Guidance counselors have over 100 students each and as you can probably tell they are always busy. This begs another question, “What does a guidance counselor’s day consist of”? EHHS guidance counselor Ms. Madonna explains, “ What I can say is a Guidance Counselor’s [day] can consist of many different things depending on the day….”

They wake up and immediately they look at their plans for the day. A typical Monday: meet with a student, then a teacher, and THEN a PPT meeting. They have no room for sleep and they are only halfway through the day. A 22 minute lunch, followed by a 504 meeting, and not long before that they are bombarded with more calls by parents. Finally, the school day is over but their day isn’t over. One more meeting… the dreaded after school meetings. Finally, they drag themselves home and prepare to repeat this process tomorrow.

To summarize some things Ms. Madonna said were… call and meet with parents, attend meetings, check grades/attendance on students, write college recommendations, respond to crisis/problems that may arise, teach and plan lessons for teachers, and meet with students who schedule appointments.

Basically guidance counselors do things which usually are not planned at all which that help us as students whether it is helping us prep for college, fixing scheduling conflicts, or settling problems within the school. Guidance counselors encourage you to make appointments with them. If not make sure to ask Mrs. Conner in guidance about scheduling.