East Haven Girls Swim To Long Awaited Victory

A victory was delivered on September 13th when the East Haven/Wilbur Cross swim team defeated Guilford at home at the East Haven Recreation Pool. The girls seem happy about this victory as well as the town since the swim has not been able to capture a victory in many years. Coach Dave Oshana was extremely pleased with the girls performance and noticed that getting the win gave the girls a morale boost and positivity to the team which was well needed.

After a small interview with Coach Oshana, it was clear that Coach Oshana was excited to push the girls forward since they still struggle with events such as the 500 which is 20 laps in the swimming pool. Coach Oshana says that he is going to implement sprint workouts to improve the girls’ performance, but the girls will also need to work hard too. During the interview, Coach Oshana said,“If the girls keep working hard they can win a lot.” The girls have “a long way to go” in their journey, they will be facing teams such as Lyman Hall on the 9/26 and Jonathan Law on 9/27. The team is swimming in the right direction.