Why Do We Have A Lack of School Spirit?

If you were to attend a volleyball game or a soccer game at East Haven High school, crickets would fill the stands. But Friday night football games are always packed. It is time to even the playing field.

There is a lack of peer support for these sporting events. Why is that? Could it be that students are all tired and have enough work to deal with already? How could we get more students to participate? School spirit is important because it brings all the students together to celebrate the school and the great things happening at our school. If there is no school spirit school will literally just become a place where you go to class and do work. That’s not what the high school experience is all about!

When a group of students 9th through 12th grade were questioned about East Haven High School school spirit, they had many opinions on the matter . A few opinions included, “There aren’t enough pep rallies" and, "There isn't enough interest in sports." Students felt in general that no one cares about “school spirit." There is a problem with school spirit at East Haven High, and the proof is at every school event.

When students were asked how to encourage school spirit many students said that we need more pep rallies. Others said an increase in involvement in activities could make a difference. School spirit has many benefits for us students. It encourages school teams to play better because they have students cheering for them. It can boost our moods but also allows us to make new friends and socialize. School spirit can bring a positive attitude and help bring different groups of students together and unites us as a school. I can see that is hard to get the energy to do things especially if you have a paper due and don’t know who will be at the game or think it will be lame but that’s the point. Many students are on the same page, not knowing if they should attend these events, but if we students could get more involved it could make a huge difference.

Overall students should get more involved in school events. We have to put more effort into our school’s and actually show up. If the school and students put in equal effort this school can have more of fun. Having the school come together and celebrate is an amazing experience and I want to see more students attending school events. I hope to see more students coming together and go out to support are teams and have a good time.