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Hello all and welcome to the EHHS Comet news site. This page is going to help you keep up with everything going on with our high school community. On this website we have a variety of options to choose from.

We have the news section for everything going on in the school. The news section consists of four writers, AnnaMarie Conte, Joshua Brown, Kayla Reinoso, and Kevin Romero. Anderson Mendez and Kaitlyn Gomez are reporting the News in Spanish. In this section of our website, these four writers focus on news going around the school.Annamarie joined the Comet because, “I value real news.”

In the Sports section we have Maxwell Kwashie, Marco Olivar, Paul Diaz and Joshua Brown. Maxwell joined the staff, “Because I didn’t know what to do for my capstone project.” This team of writers will be writing about everything to do with sports. They will be attending games, interviewing, coaches, and players from the respective sport they are writing about, giving you information about the game, final score and updates on how the sports programs are doing throughout the year.

In the editorial section we have Angelica Baldassare, Joe Castellano, Madison Longobardi, and Jonny’s Jara-Silva. The editorial group writes about their opinions on certain situations. Joe joined The Comet because,“I find news interesting, and because I would be able to highlight things going on at the high school.”

In the features group we have Joe Castellano, Carmela Cortese, Kayla, John Vitali, and Carmen Bellonio. The features group writes about different aspects of our building and community. Carmen joined the staff because, “I thought it would be interesting to try something new.”

Covering Photography for all of our articles will be Madison, Ange, Kaytlin, Carmela, and Chase. They are the group of the paper that gather us all the photos we need for our articles.

Running and managing our website will be Rob Scalesse. He will be making sure everything on and about the website is running smoothly. Rob joined the staff “Because, I find news interesting and I want to get my voice out there.”

The Comet will have new posts every two weeks, our writers will be working endlessly to get out the best work they possibly can during and after class. We hope you guys stick with us and enjoy the news, as we try our best to keep you guys updated with all the fun and exciting things going on here at East Haven High School.

Something New To The Comet

Something new to The Comet is that you can be a guest writer! In the past we hand chose guest writers to help us with The Comet, now The Comet are putting it in the hands of you the students to help us out and write about what you enjoy and what you believe is important to the school! Your papers once submitted will be reviewed and analyzed by Joe Castellano and Ms. Caturano.

We also have a section where teachers and students can come together to explain what awesome things they are doing in their class. This is called Classroom Features. These will be reviewed and analyzed by Rob Scalesse and Ms. Caturano. Mr. Miles and the art teachers will be showcasing student videos and artwork from their classes.

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