The EHHS LMC Strives to Be a Better Place

EHHS students and teachers come together to benefit students needs in the LMC by creating a club called “The Library Leadership Team.” EHHS strives to be a better place to benefit the school by coming together and making the LMC a creative place, as they hope will also benefit our lack of book availability.

School librarian, Mrs. Goraieb, states, that “We are taking steps to rectify this situation with fundraising and other creative and innovative ideas, many of which are coming from the Library Leadership Team.” Mrs. Goraieb explains that the club is open to everyone and the purpose is to make the Library Media Center a better place. She hopes that in the process of all of this, that eventually the fundraising will help with buying more books for the LMC making the environment a reliable and enjoyable place for students to learn.

Olivia Coyle, explains that she joined the team because after her 4 years at EHHS, the LMC never contained any kind of motivation for students to contribute with the book budgeting. Coyle says, “I decided to become involved with the LLT because I know how important books are to learning and I thought that bringing new ideas to the table of different types of fundraising would help our situation more properly. We are currently working on the idea of starting a library cafe. The cafe will be open to all students and staff and we hope that it will be successful in raising money to buy more books."

Students should want a privilege like this for the school, not only would it be a brilliant idea but it would make the LMC a better place.