School Store Secrets

“Store” posted prominently right above the room with some neat looking outfits for anyone with school spirit. It is one of the first things you see after you take your first few steps into the school. The store has many products that can make any student look like a model East Haven High School student.

The store is run by a separate company who supplies many of our sports teams with uniforms. The company is called Achieve Athletics, and they send a staff member to work the store, but the exact hours are unknown, but they usually are before the first bell and after the last bell. The store sells all sorts of clothes, one of the favorites being the EH winter hat for the colder days ahead of us. They also sell EH accessories, such as patches for backpacks and key holders. They restock every season, so there are new and different styles for the students. They even have opportunities for students to get credits, or community service hours by helping out the store, whether that will be moving boxes or being a cashier. If you are interested, contact Principal DeNuzzo or Achieve Athletics through their website.

The School Store can only grow and get more products from here. At of the time this article was published, the store is already in the works to be opened more often and maybe even full days.