College Visits Happening Now at EHHS in Guidance!

On the TV’s in most teachers classrooms, there is information posted about what colleges are visiting and what time each information session is starting. It’s open to all seniors, as long as they go to guidance and get a pass. Each college is going to be in a meeting room all the way in the back of guidance, and a representative from the college you decide to get information from will be there in the room ready to give you flyers about their school and ready to answer all your questions.

This is really exciting for students who want to go to a certain college or explore other schools they may have never known about. However, I know my peers, a majority of them don’t even pay attention to the TV’s, and I want to make sure they all get a chance to explore their options with colleges they are potentially interested in. So on the 15th of September, I met with my guidance counselor Miss DeRosa, to not only get a pass to visit a college information session, but to find out if there are other methods of broadcasting the college visits and what methods had the school already used to reach the students. Miss DeRosa mentioned to me various other sources that the guidance department has used to spread the word about the college visits, for example, “Guidance posted the various college visits on the twitter and facebook pages, as well as remind , and we can try using the announcements.”.

I was also curious about how long the various college visits will run to and how the school managed to get all these colleges to come visit our school. This is what Miss DeRosa had to say, “The colleges actually contact us and let us know if they can stop by on these days, when they are available in order to talk with other students, and the visits run from mid-September all the way to november, early december.”, this gives students plenty of opportunities to explore and expand their options with many different colleges.

A week after my interview with Miss DeRosa, there was an advisory for seniors with their counselors, and Miss DeRosa, and the rest of the guidance counselors talked with the seniors about the college visits and had them sign up for the guidance remind program to be updated on the various college visits. As well as the announcements keeping students posted about colleges coming to visit during the week.

Now that the word has spread around a little more to the students, I wanted to know how some of them felt during the college visits, because I know for myself, I felt very informed during the Albertus Magnus information session, and I felt that I got all my questions answered. Rawan Elshamsy, a senior, GSA (Gay, Straight Alliance) President, and girls soccer player visited the Salve Regina University information session. I asked her how she felt during the visit and she said,“Curious about the school.”. When I asked her if she felt like she got all her questions answered and if she felt she had enough time to ask all that she wanted to know, Rawan acknowledged that she did get the information she desired.

After my interview with Rawan I was pleased to know that I’m not the only one feeling good and informed after a college visit. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled and your ears open on social media, remind, or the announcements, because if the school you like is coming to EHHS, book an appointment in guidance. You will get all your questions answered, and hopefully the sessions will inform you and make you feel more ensured about where you want to go in the future.