Roses & THORNS

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April 2022

Roses to the Little Mermaid Musical this weekend. 
Thorns to allergies and sickness. 

Roses to Spring Break coming up. 
Thorns to last-minute conflicts and poor planning on other people’s part. 

Roses to finally getting to see that special someone and Prom-posals. 
Thorns to people trying to steal the spotlight and make it about themselves when it isn’t about them. 

Roses to finally being able to relax and have some downtime. 
Thorns to not being scheduled to work more often. 

Roses to having an incredible senior show. 
Thorns to people being uncooperative even though there is evidence to back up a claim. 


You Didn’t Hear This From Me But….


  1. Some people dropped out of the musical last minute. 

  2. We actually have a golf team at EHHS.

  3. People are saying Prom is going to be a flop. 

  4. There’s ANOTHER skatepark protest going on. 

  5. Someone is waging war against the Mayor’s Office.

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