Roses and Thorns

Roses and Thorns is a column inspired by a section in The Comet from the 1960s, called Orchids and Onions. In this, we will be giving positive and negative shoutouts to what has happened in the past two weeks. 

June 2020

  • Roses to twelve more days of school! 

  • Thorns to COVID-19 for closing down my favorite restaurant.

  • Roses to the Class of 2020 for staying positive.

  • Thorns to having a messed up sleeping schedule.

  • Roses to the teens registering to vote in the upcoming election.

  • Thorns to the "murder hornets." 

Roses to every teacher helping us learn during this pandemic.

Thorns to not being able to celebrate birthdays with friends and family.

Roses to nice weather and movie nights with your family.

Thorns to being bored in your house. 

Past Roses and Thorns

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