The EHHS Comet Staff

The Comet staff is comprised of editors-in-chief, section editors, writers, and a faculty advisor who work as a team to investigate and report on EHHS and East Haven news. The faculty advisor and instructor is Ms. Emilia Caturano.

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Adira DeMatteo

Editor in Chief

Adira DeMatteo is a senior at EHHS and Vice President of the EHHS Drama Club. She is also a member of the National Honor Society, and plans on going to school for a degree in Communication Disorders, which she will then use to get her doctorate degree in Speech Pathology.

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Jade Ahumada

Editor in Chief

Jade is a senior at East Haven High School. Taking on the position of Editor-in-Chief for The Comet, Jade is excited to help her community gain easy access to news and information they may need. She cannot wait to work alongside her fellow writers and watch The Comet grow.

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Faith Papa

Features and Social Media/Website

Faith Papa is a sophomore at East Haven High School. She is the secretary of the class of 2024 and a feature and social media editor for the school newspaper, The Comet.

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Chau Ngo

Art & Photography Editor

Chau has been a student in EHHS for 3 years. She is Vietnamese and has been in America for 6 years. Her hobbies include listening to Kpop (mainly BTS), eating, and sleeping. Her goal in life is to live it easy with no troubles.

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Michael "Mikey" Angus


Mikey is a junior at EHHS. He is a new addition to The Comet staff and very excited to be apart of a wonderful team. He enjoys music, nature, photography, writing, and anything to do with animals. He hopes to pursue a certification in pet grooming after high school. He has been writing creatively since he was 7 years old and hopes to continue that as a hobby.

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Mirta Sandoval


Mirta Sandoval has been at EHHS for the past 3 years. She is from Guatemala lived there for 4 years, then moved to Texas for 5 years, and has been living in Connecticut since then.She speaks Spanish fluently. She is club member of the kindness club. In her free time she likes to volunteer at her local library to organize or reshelf books, she like to read all types of books. She would like to be a mechanical engineer in the future. Her favorite subjects in school are math and science. She has 5 sisters in her household. She is creative and easy to get along with. She has been working at a nursing home for almost a year where she feeds residents and delivers their food.

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Kayla Deluca


Kayla is a sophomore at EHHS, Class of 2024. She is a dedicated gamer and an aspiring graphic designer and YouTuber. She is a proud member of the EHHS community and wants to spread her positivity far and wide. "Live Life to the Fullest"

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Alexa Lizbette Astudillo


Liz is 16 years old and a junior at EHHS. She is Ecuadorian and lived in NYC up until 2020. She has 3 siblings and a 12 year old niece. She loves volleyball and hanging out with friends.

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Madelyn Camera


Madelyn is a junior at East Haven High School. She is a new reporter on the Comet and she is also in charge of Keeping Up with the Captains. She is the school's volleyball team manger. Out of school she enjoys spending time with her family and working with kids.

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Lynna Son


Lynna Son is 17 years old, a junior this school year and enjoys fashion, music and social media.

Omari Daniels

Omari is a senior at East Haven High School. Omari in charge of Fashion Forward, out of school he enjoys spending time with family and keeping up with current fashion trends.

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Victor Unabia Jr.

Victor Unabia Jr. is a Filipino student at EHHS who has been there for around 3 years. He's is a junior in high school. He enjoys playing a variety of sports such as badminton, volleyball, and tennis. He enjoys video games such as Crossfire and Mobile legend.