The EHHS Comet Staff

The Comet staff is comprised of editors-in-chief, section editors, writers, and a faculty advisor who work as a team to investigate and report on EHHS and East Haven news. The faculty advisor and instructor is Ms. Emilia Caturano.

Staff Writers

Emily Aguayza

Hi! I'm Emily and a few things about myself is that I'm a little introverted and that I really like to draw.

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Skylar Davis

I'm Sky. 

I'm going to be 20 in October. I love to draw write read and play video games.

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Angel Falu

I'm a male student of EHHS who is a member of The Comet.

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Linnette Gonzalez

I am a junior, EHHS Class of 2022, I play tennis and love to listen to music.

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Christy Phimmavong

EHHS Junior. I enjoy playing games, binge watching shows, and reading web comics.

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Justin Thompson

Justin is a junior at East Haven High School and an aspiring journalist. Justin has a strong interest in tech and video games. When he graduates, he wants to study Communications at an Ivy League university or in Canada. In his free time, he can be found studying, watching Twitch, or playing on his Nintendo Switch or Wii.

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Kayla DeLuca

Kayla is a freshman at EHHS, Class of 2024. She is a dedicated gamer and an aspiring graphic designer and YouTuber. She is a proud member of the EHHS community and is oftentimes found with a smile on her face. "Desire to Inspire"