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East Haven High School

The EHHS Comet Staff

The Comet staff is comprised of editors-in-chief, section editors, writers, and a faculty advisor who work as a team to investigate and report on EHHS and East Haven news. The faculty advisor and instructor is Ms. Emilia Caturano.

The Editors

Brianna Butler

Editor in Chief

Brianna Butler takes on her second year as the Editor in Chief on the EHHS Comet News Site. Outside of journalism, she is the Drum Major for the EHHS Co-op Marching Band which she has been apart of for five years.

Victoria Heaphy


Editor in Chief

Tori Heaphy is a junior at EHHS. She has been apart of the EHHS softball and volleyball teams since freshman year, and she has been playing travel softball since age nine. Tori is a member of SADD and is the junior class vice president. She enjoys volunteering at the EH Food Pantry, and she has a younger sister as well. Tori is very glad to be apart of the Comet staff, and she looks forward to sharing their work with the rest of EHHS!

Ashley Lynch

Features Editor

Ashley is a current junior at EHHS. Besides The Comet, she devotes her time to being a SADD leader, the class of 2021 secretary, a member of HOSA, and a member of the cheerleading team. Outside of school, Ashley is heavily involved in the competitive dance world. In the future, she not only aspires to become a sports medicine physician but also dreams of pursuing dance professionally on Broadway. Ashley loves being apart of The Comet thus far and cannot wait to continue writing for you all!

Rebecca Albert "Becca"

Editorial Editor

Becca Albert, a senior, is so excited to be a member of The EHHS Comet staff. Though this is her first year, she has already had so much fun learning the ropes of being a journalist/editor. In her free time, she enjoys dancing and singing. Becca is the Captain of the Girls Cross Country team and is a part of many clubs at EHHS including HOSA, SADD, and the National Honor Society. While being the Editorials Editor, she has already revised so many interesting articles written by her peers and cannot wait for her and her fellow staff members to share more stories with the EHHS community.

Amy Nieto

News Editor

Amy is a senior at EHHS. She is involved in many extracurricular activities; she is the Vice President of the Class of 2020, a Leader in SADD, and a member of HOSA, National Honor Society, and HTAG.

Michael O'Connor

Sports Editor

Michael O'Connor is a staff writer and the sports editor for The Comet. Outside of school, Michael is a captain of the baseball team.

Radoslaw Wisniewski

Website Editor

Radoslaw is a senior at EHHS and is the Website Editor fo The Comet. Outside of The Comet, Radoslaw is the brass section leader of the EHHS Co-Op Marching Band. Radoslaw enjoys acting and singing in plays, and loves to participate in commmunity service opportunities. He is a teen advisory member at the Hagaman Memorial Library in East Haven, CT, and is also a teachers assistant at a Polish school in New Haven, CT.

The  Staff Writers

Gianna Appi

 Gianna Appi is a senior at East Haven High School. She’s been in SADD for four years and wishes to attend an art school in the future. 

Marchella Bailey

Marchella is a senior at EHHS.  Outside of The Comet she is a SADD leader.

Angelina Esposito

Angelina Esposito is a Senior at EHHS and a staff writer for the comet. She loves helping others and caring for animals.

Joshua Torres

Joshua is an down to earth person. He doesn't talk much but once you get him going he does't know how to stop.Transferring into the school last year, he still is getting accustomed to how things roll. So please if you see him don't hesitate to speak to him. He may look mean but in reality he's a giant teddy bear.

Sarah Greenspun

Sarah is a senior at EHHS. Outside of The Comet, Sarah is a SADD leader.

Arianna Zambrano

Arianna is a senior at EHHS. She is a class officer and is also on the pom pom team. She enjoys writing and is excited about being apart of the comet.

Joshua Gladstone

Joshua is a senior at East Haven high school, he works in the paint department at Home Depot.

Josie Jones

Josie is a senior at EHHS. Josie is an innovative, tender spirit with big goals and many artistic abilities. After high school she plans on taking a music production course in South Korea.

Edwin KwadanNaab

Edwin is a senior at EHHS. He likes to play a lot of sports and is really athletic . He also likes to write and get feedback from others on his work.

Julissa Torres