Fashion Forward with Omari

 What's in style? This is a question we ask ourselves everytime we go shopping. Styles are constantly changing more than seasons, everyone wants to be unique. Now there are different genres of styles for everyone.

Style is a big part of expressing yourself and it's fun to make connections with others and share styles. Make them your own and don't be afraid to go above and beyond.


REM Beauty & Makeup

Pictured right: Ariana Grande credit to REM Beauty

 Makeup IS Fashion! Makeup is a way to express yourself and tie any old boring look together.  You are probably wondering, What Makeup is trending? R.E.M Beauty is outselling a lot of makeup brands and  has only been out for weeks. Previously we talked about how the 60s aesthetic was trending and it's coming back again but this time in SPACE. So ladies and gentlemen grab your spaceships and prepare to blast off in the world of Beauty.