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What are some of your experiences, thoughts, feelings, etc. while EHHS is in hybrid remote and in-person learning?
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Comfort While Learning - 3-19-2021

Being a remote learner has been difficult for some classes and easier in others. Classes such as English and Government have been easier because they consist of more lectures while Algebra 2 and Chemistry are more difficult due to the fact that they are more based on doing examples. I enjoy being at home and having the ability to do my work on a couch or an office desk depending on my mood and I feel more comfortable with remote learning. I do feel that in-person learning is easier for more rigorous classes.

Anxiety & Relief - 3-19-2021

Being a remote learner for me personally is a lot better than being in the building. I have bad anxiety and I feel like I can focus more on certain things. I enjoy it very much.

Timing Issues - 3-19-2021

It has been difficult but not a hard adjustment. The struggle I deal with is teachers not understanding that because we are remote does not mean we have all the time in the world. I think the pressure and stress are just as equal.

Feeling Positive - 3-19-2021

Angel Falu - I find hybrid learning to be somewhat fun and inclusive. It's nice to be in a classroom in some form and hear the classroom interact. While not actually being in school, the google meets do help feel included. 

In-Person Learning While Hybrid - 3-19-2021

 I'm the only person in my class who is in person and it's a weird feeling seeing most of my classmates being remote. It just feels weird sitting around a bunch of empty chairs.

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