Fabricio Bugatti - Boy's Tennis

“The thing I will miss most about the tennis season is definitely the team. The people on the team are what made the sport so fun, having them cheering me on even when I was losing was so amazing because it really made it feel like I was a part of a family. I’m really gonna miss the team, but hopefully I’ll be able to watch a few of their games next season after I graduate.” - Fabricio Bugatti


“I am going to miss Fabricio so much. His serve is one I will never forget. It really sucks that he won’t have a senior year to show how much he has improved. Marchello too, had a big role this year as our other captain and it is also just as sad to see him not being able to play his senior year.” - Mathew DiVito

Marchello DeLucia -
Boy's Tennis​

“Tennis will be such a big part of my life that I will miss as I leave high school but I do hope to see those who will continue to play next year try their best and hardest in the next season.” - Marchello DeLucia


“Watching him [Marchello] play inspired me to get better and improve at tennis.” - Minh Trinh 

Mathew Divito -
Boy's Tennis

 “It was great to be named a captain last year and I was looking forward to playing with everyone this year.” - Mathew DiVito


“Mathew is a versatile player. He can play whatever position he is put at with whoever he is put with anytime we need him to.” - Matthew Gaudioso 

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