Kevin Francois -

Boys Indoor Track and Field

Kevin Francois is the boys senior indoor track and field captain for EHHS. He has been a member of the boys track and field since freshman year. His two main events are the 200-meter dash and long jump. His personal records are 24 seconds for the 200-meter dash and for long jump, it is 18’ 2 feet. Francois also participates in the 4x200 (pr is 1:44.51 min.) and 4x400 (pr is 3:58.98 min.) relays. He says that if we have a season he plans on breaking the schools 300-meter dash and plans to beat his 400-meter dash personal record. Francois also says that he plans on having a safe and fun season but it looks like COVID-19 might be ruining that for him. 

Kisha Francois -

Girls Indoor Track and Field 

Kisha Francois is the girls senior indoor track and field captain for EHHS. She has been the girls indoor track and field captain since her sophomore year of high school. Not only that but she has made All-State each year of her high school career. Francois holds multiple records for EHHS. She currently holds the records for the 55-meter dash and long jump for indoor track and field. Her personal record for the 55-meter dash is 7.41 seconds, 300-meter dash 45.57 seconds, and for long jump, she jumped 17’ 6.5 feet. She has also participated in the 4x200 relay and the 4x400 relay races. 

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