Boys Swimming -Hethon Foster 

Hethon Foster is a junior here at EHHS and he is part of the CO-OP boys swimming team. He has been swimming for years now and has had many accomplishments throughout his journey. His events are the 100-yard freestyle, 100-yard butterfly, 50-yard freestyle, and 200 yard IM. His best time for each of these events are 48.85 sec. for the 100-yard freestyle, 53.48 sec. for the 100-yard butterfly, 50-yard freestyle 22.58 sec, and for the 200-yard IM he came in at 2:03.51 minutes. Foster works and competes hard and will continue to do so!

Camryn Lendroth -

Girls Swimming

Camryn Lendroth is a junior at EHHS and she is part of the CO-OP swimming team with Wilbur Cross. She has been a swimmer since the start of her freshman year of high school. Lendroth’s events are 100 backstroke, 100 freestyle, 500 freestyle, and the 200 IM. Her fastest times for these events are 100 freestyle in 1:15 minutes, 500 freestyle in 7 minutes, and the 200 IM in 3:12 minutes. During SCC’s this year, she came in 50th place for the backstroke and 57th in the freestyle. Lendroth will continue to work hard for her upcoming senior season next year! 

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